After a year I watched another Malayalam movie, Drishyam, in a cinema theatre. Drishyam is about a middle class family struggling with daily obstacles and surviving them to be a jolly good happy family until a drastic event changes everything. It is about a common man who can go at any level to protect his own family from falling apart. This common man is Georgekutty (Mohanlal), an orphan who is dropped out of school after fourth grade. He marries a Tenth failed woman Rani (Meena) and now lives with two daughters, Anju (Ansiba) and Anu (Esther). He is a cable operator in a village, Rajkkad, near to Thodapuzha in scenic hills of Idukki.

First half of film establishes the characters life and his love for his family through some regular husband-wife humour. But this pre-interval half of movie tends to be deadening. Only saviour in this first half is Mohanlal, who effortlessly owns the character of Georgekutty. It is a delight to see him in such glitter-less character after a long time.

As the catastrophic event happens just before the interval, the second half of movie gets a nitro-boost. Though story of movie is quite predictable (If you are a fan of Suspense-thrillergenre, you can easily predict what’s going to happen next), director Jeethu Joseph manages to keep you always on the edge of the seat. Electrifying speed of events in second half nullify the dullness of first half so much that the duration of 2 hours and 44 minutes does not seem too long at the end of movie.

Drishyam is a good thriller (not suspense!) with brilliant performances by Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba, Esther and Kalabhavan Shajon (Sahadevan). Esther in role of small adorable kid, Anu, has delivered incredible performance in some defining moments of the film. Music by Vinu Thomas and Anil Johnson is okay-ish and songs are nicely blended in movie but fail to make an impact on mind and you forget them as soon as you leave the cinema-hall. But they have managed to give background music which sets the mood of the movie.

Major attractions of movie are a good script, brilliant direction of Jeethu Joseph and of-course acting of Mohanlal. Jeethu Joseph manages to engage audience into movie and it is evident by the cheers for Georgekutty and jeers for Sahadevan by public during the film. But he avoids taking a moral or legal stance and keeps introducing instances which enable audience to sympathize towards the protagonist and his family. Films tagline says ‘Visuals can be deceiving’ but sometimes such deception from morality is also good.